Youth Ministry Steadfast
Ignacio and Patty Estrada, Youth Pators
Wednesday 7pm (Youth Room)
About Us:
Ignacio and Patty Estrada were both blessed to have been born into Christian homes. However, after finishing high school they both started to lend interest to the things of the world. And, eventually strayed away. God allowed them to cross paths. They married, and now have two beautiful children. Still living a life outside of God’s will, they were faced with life’s struggles and tribulations. Trying to confront them on their own, they reached a point of desperation. Which lead them back to the way of Lord.
God opened doors that lead them to youth ministry. Having allowed God to guide them, they have come to realize their passion and love with the youth.
Establish a strong relationship in Christ,To honor your father and mother, and Become leaders
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